Spiti Travelogue: Day 11

Serene Solang: Relaxation before the return journey begins

The quaintness and solitude of this town attracted me tremendously. It was a place where artists of all kinds could swathe in the beauty of nature and rejuvenate their creative powers. Our hotel owner, Sohan Lal, himself was a master of several arts. He knit beautiful carpets and blankets with ornate designs. He had built the hotel furniture on his own. He was also an excellent cook, and we enjoyed his delicacies so much that we did not eat anywhere else.

His eldest son was India’s national ski champion. All his sons and daughters had won innumerable medals and trophies in many winter Olympics. Yet, he was so humble, serving us tea/coffee and meals with reverence. I wondered whether humility was an innate trait in the people of this region because of the powerful forces of nature that dwarfed man here…

Friendship Lodge Solang

Sohan Lal with his son and his children’s numerous trophies adorning the shelves…

Today was a day of rest and relaxation before we began our return journey. We strolled to the Kullu/Manali forest range, the protected forest area. We discovered a small temple, built recently, bedecked with wooden bells and intricate wooden carvings. This would be our last day for scenic photography, so Vidisha was busy clicking close-ups of flowers and I capturing the snow-clad peaks around.

Friendship Hotel in Solang

Friendship Hotel in Solang

We wandered around aimlessly that day, with no purpose, goal, or destination. I felt as if yesterday’s paragliding was an orgasmic climax of days upon days of relentless adventure and building tension.

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