Spiti Travelogue: Day 9

Soothing Solang: We relax and rejuvenate in this quaint town

After several days of adventurous action in rough terrain and harsh weather, Solang felt blissfully comfortable. Our rooms were nicely furnished, the hotel was cute, and the owner very gracious. We relaxed most of the day, and only strolled around to see Solang village.

A sumptuous lunch of North Indian food was a heavenly change! The food we had for the past few days had been entirely different. As the Spiti valley remains snow-bound for over six months in a year, only one crop is available to the local people. Only a few hectares of land is cultivated, with crops of barley, peas and potatoes. The Tibetan food consisted primarily of Thukpa or Prantha. Thukpa is noodles in bone (paya) soup garnished with vegetables and mutton. Pranthas were of Alu, Gobi or Muli. Finally, there was Chowmein, which were dry noodles. These were the basic food choices the whole time we were in Kaza.

In the evening, we had a get-together, as all of us had never sat together and talked at length since we left Manali. We relived our experiences in Kaza, sharing our excitement, awe, thrill, wonder, and pride.

I also marveled at how well the kids and our grandma had adapted to the altitude and climate. We young people were in the prime of our life to face these extremes, but that was not the case with the children and our aging grandmother! I had no words for my respect of their achievement.

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