Tree Tops in Manali

This is one of the better pictures I’ve ever shot.

Tree Tops in Manali


3 thoughts on “Tree Tops in Manali

  1. Wonderful picture…i think this has a good variation of light…the tree tops are receiving direct sunlight whereas the lower portions are relatively darker…this forms a fine effect…

    just the trees at the left are receiving less light than those at the right…maybe bcoz of position of sun or the height of the trees there…

    but couldnt have been shot better…i wonder if this could look better with higher contrast…have you tried making adjustments in this?

  2. Pareen: thanks once again for the wonderful comments! You know what, this was taken way back during my Spiti Valley trip (travelogue here), when I just had a plain old Nikon F50. For the travelogue and blog, I had to scan printed photographs. After so much work, didn’t really play around with the digital jpeg files given by the Kodak outlet! – Mahendra

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