Applying Circle of Concern – Circle of Influence

I’m very fond of one of Stephen Covey’s insights regarding the Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence.

Today morning, both my wife and I were extremely hurried and busy getting ready to leave. Our 5-month old baby daughter was fortunately peacefully sleeping as we scurried around the house.

Suddenly, our neighbors started playing the latest pop music that blared through their xyz-watt sound system, and our daughter woke up, crying.

This was the last thing we wanted. I was getting late to work, and this morning time is typically stressful.
Our attempts to comfort our daughter were in vain. Trapped in the Circle of Concern, we simply voiced
our disgust at our neighbors.

Then the switch happened. Even when I couldn’t bear our child’s increasingly louder cries, I became calm.
I closed all the doors and windows from where the sound was coming. Even if I couldn’t shut it out, it definitely
went down in volume. After a few comforting minutes later, she slept again.

I know, what a simple narrative from daily life –
but what a classical impact of the shift from Circle of Concern to Circle of Influence!