How (the hell) did my blog rank 5th in Google?

Regarding Google page ranking, it is well-known that:

  •  Google gives poor rankings to new web sites
  • It has higher page ranks for sites that have a lot of quality incoming links
  • It monitors traffic, so that sites with higher traffic have higher page ranks

Now, consider that:

  • I started my blog site on 20th April (less than 2 weeks ago)
  • My blog has ZERO incoming links (as of now)
  • The traffic on my blog is less than a hundred visitors per day

In this situation, I was shocked when I casually searched for “colony collapse disorder update” on Google and found my blog to be the 5th result on the 1st page! Here’s a snapshot:

Note: The “Personalized Results” refer to the restriction of results to English.

Why are these age-old truths about Google page ranking not working in this case? What else is pushing my blog posts up the ranking order? Any insights would certainly be appreciated!


4 thoughts on “How (the hell) did my blog rank 5th in Google?

  1. I think you are forgetting the most important factor here…

    First and foremost is the content, tags, title ofthe page that is considered…

    your page’s content matches the keywords typed in…and that is the most important factor…the placement of ‘the keywords’ (here, colony collapse disorder update) on YOUR page…

    all that lorelle has mentioned comes later on…placing the right keywords at the right places (title, content, tags, etc.) is a part of what is called Seach Engine Optimization…

    correct me if I am wrong…

  2. Hi Pareen,

    Yes, page content does matter, of course, but the SEO experts seem to suggest that new sites and sites having no incoming links may be ignored by Google (irrespective of content). That’s why I was surprised.

    But I think your point is proving correct – looking at the search terms people are using to come to my blog, it does seem that content rules, after all! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

  3. Even I was a bit surprised last month (when the same happened on my blog) and had consulted a few experienced bloggers about it…

  4. I will tell you why you site ranked for those key words: if you look around the web, you will find that there are hardly no other sites with that keyword. That makes yours stand out.

    Here’s an example: if I google the title of my blog post, I’m very likely to be ranked #1 for my post title keyword because there’s likely to be no other site with the exact keyword.

    Now, that’s something you should chew over.

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