Indian Blogging Statistics

Economic Times quotes an MSN Research Report citing statistics on Indian blogging. Here are the highlights:

  •  58% of bloggers started blogging as they wanted to express passionate views
  • 14% of net users blog actively
  • 87% of bloggers spend up to 5 hours per week updating their blogs or reading other blogs
  • 50% of all blogs receive 10 or less visitors per week
  • Besides current affairs and technology, personal experiences is next best content
  • Males dominate the Indian blogosphere
  • Unlike other Asian countries, Indians are not that attracted to blogs by industry leaders

I wonder how they’ve collected these statistics. Couldn’t trace the origins of the report. If anyone knows, please drop a line.


4 thoughts on “Indian Blogging Statistics

  1. Dear Mahendra,

    Interesting statistics. I personally see blogging is more than a window to express passionate views. It is a best tool for networking, mass communication and getting connected with like minded people.

    Best Regards,
    Ramesh Natarajan

    Visit my blog : >

  2. Hi Ramesh,

    Thanks for the comments. Please understand that promoting your own blog via comments left on other blogs is not very favorably looked upon by the blogging community. Just a friendly note of caution. I did check out your blog briefly and please do continue. Best luck!

  3. Blogging is a unique tool in the hands of the individual. Quantitative stats apart, one wonders whether it has achieved its true potential.

  4. Hi Hiren,

    Thanks for viewing and responding. Yes, it’s a unique tool – I can see from your blog that you’ve read Friedman’s “The World Is Flat”. Well, he does talk a lot about user-published content and how that’s a unique phenomenon that has the potential to change the world.

    IMHO, I think achieving it will take time, more so in countries with lesser Internet penetration like India. We’re already seeing how the power of the Internet-empowered democracy is affecting politico-legal issues in the US – take Hillary Clinton and Obama on YouTube, or the mass offensive launched against Digg by thousands of users today for example.

    Like in everything, I believe we have to be patient and persistent. The results will show, eventually!

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