Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD): May Update

As pointed out by K. Elizabeth on my earlier post on Colony Collapse Disorder, the incident is now suspected in Taiwan as well. The original Reuters report is here. As the report quotes, it’s not a confirmed case of CCD, is reported in isolated cases, and causes may include the extremely volatile weather.

Meanwhile, another report suggests a rogue fungus may be a possible cause or contributing factor. Researchers have identified the single-celled fungus Nosema ceranae in dead bees from hives in Merced County, California. Other teams have similarly spotted the fungus in affected hives across the US, as well as two further fungi and 12 viral infections.

After so many people getting concerned, groups being formed, high profile politicians getting involved, apocalypse predictions, press misreporting, and so on, only one thing seems sure so far: that there is no single reason for CCD, there are most likely multiple contributing factors.

But it may not be as alarming as sounds. Los Angeles Times reports that the most bee intensive crop in the US – almonds – is setting a record harvest this year! We can certainly heave a sigh of relief! And what’s more, the number of bee hives in the United States has reduced by 50% from the 1970s to today. If that’s not caused the apocalypse, we may still be safe…