Raaga and Symphony

Raaga said to Symphony:

“You are magnanimous, and over a 100 musicians perform you.”

Replied Symphony:

“Yet, I’m static and unchanging, but you’re evolving and ever-growing.”

Both realized:

Symphony is timeless and eternal; Raaga is living and breathing.
And thus, a new friendship was born…


3 thoughts on “Raaga and Symphony

  1. Delightful to read, though i confess i have no sense of Ragas or Symphony but i do enjoy Music !

  2. A continuation of that conversation

    Retorted Symphony

    “Thats not entirely true. Composers interpret my original score all the time. Tempo, Key, choice of instruments etc”

    Admitted Raaga

    “Well. I agree. I have heard both lugubrious and thrilling versions of Beethoven’s superb Eroica symphony. In fact, I have to sheepishly admit that a lot of musicians never really explore me originally. Most of the interpretations I hear today were laid down by masters early this century. I do wish the musicians of today would keep up the rich tradition of evolution”

    Didnt mean to disagree with you Mahendar. Just another viewpoint.

  3. Krishashok: ha ha…nice continuation! Yes, symphonies have been so differently interpreted that one often wonders what is the “true” way the original composer would have liked to hear it? Does Beethoven like Karajan’s interpretation? Does Mozart like the way the Academy of St. Martin’s performs his symphonies? Unfortunately, we will never know…

    Regarding the Raaga, you touched a chord in me (no pun intended :-). This is the reason I revere Kumar Gandharva so much, who didn’t stick to what he was taught, but went ahead and explored himself. If one were to give voice to the Raagas, I’m sure they’ll praise Kumar as the one who really tried to understand and explore them to the fullest!

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