Content Stolen From My Blog to MySpace

A visit to Technorati took me by surprise today morning: In Blog Reactions, there was this MySpace blog from someone named Michael, who had posted a poem from my blog in his, without any acknowledgement of me, the author.

There was no comment on my poem post, no acknowledgement on his blog, just a simple copy & paste. I wonder how Technorati classifies his post as a “Blog Reaction”, since there is no link or trackback or anything from his post to my blog.

I read Lorelle’s excellent guide to “What to do when someone steals your content?“, and Step No. 1 is to contact the thief.

Now, how do I contact this person? MySpace doesn’t let me send a message, or leave a comment on the plagiarized content, unless I sign up with their site first! Now, I am not at all interested in signing up with MySpace, so how do I contact and warn the thief on MySpace? I am sending him a trackback with this post as a last resort – I don’t know if MySpace blogs support trackbacks.

Here’s my original poem, Unfinished Symphony, posted on 20th April 2007.

Here’s Michael’s plagiarized post, on 14th May 2007.

Has this happened to you before? Any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

May 31 Update: The stolen content has been removed by MySpace. See my updated post.


5 thoughts on “Content Stolen From My Blog to MySpace

  1. This hasn’t happened to me that I know of. It is a risk any time you put your work on the internet. Talk about pure plagarism. Thats pretty brash, but he probably never imagined you would catch him.

    I just want to encourage you that getting a myspace account is very easy. I have one for myself and my cat! His is It’s kind of fun and quirky.

    You can get a gmail account and open a myspace account very easily. It might be worth it in case this happens again. If you need any help I would be happy to do it. Just comment my blog.


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  3. Bernie,

    Thanks a lot for the advice and comments! My point was that I should be able to do something about this *without* signing up for a particular site! And I did find the answer I was looking for.

    I confirmed that MySpace considers me as the copyright owner of a poem I compose, and has a way for non-MySpacers to report copyright violations on their site. Their FAQ entry is at regarding “How to report copyright violations”.

    I’ve done the needful and will now wait to see what happens! Once again, thanks for the support!

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