Stolen Content Removed by MySpace!

I had written earlier about how a MySpace user had plagiarized my poem, posting it without any acknowledgment.

I reported the copyright violation to MySpace (without being a MySpace user myself), and viola! I received this in email:

CopyRightAgent <>
May 30, 2007

Via E-Mail

Reference is made to your email below dated May 28, 2007.

Please be advised that the content in question has been removed from the website, as requested by your letter.

This letter does not purport to respond to all of the allegations and statements set forth in your correspondence to us. MySpace, Inc. expressly reserves all of its rights and defenses in connection with this matter, and nothing herein or in any conduct by MySpace, Inc. may be construed as admission of wrongdoing by MySpace, Inc.


Conclusion: Do not tolerate anyone stealing your content!


4 thoughts on “Stolen Content Removed by MySpace!

  1. someone removed my whole profile that i had posted on myspace a week ago i tried to make a new one ,but it says i have to delete the old one first ican’t even pull up the old one to delete it can you help me my address was and my password was ****** please help me thank you margaret foshie

  2. I’m afraid you’ll have to get in touch with MySpace support. Check out their help, support, and contact information. I’m sorry I cannot help you, and I’ve removed the password from your comment for security reasons.

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