Child Sex Tourism in India

Some more shocking statistics on the child sex tourism trade in India:

  • Roughly around 10,000 paedophiles come to Goa each year and 1000 children are at risk in a single area in Goa
  • Number of children involved in the sex industry in India – in 1994 – according to ECPAT: 400,000

Given the widespread child abuse within the community (see Indian Child Abuse Statistics – What Can We Do?), how importantly should we worry about Traveling Sex Offenders (TSOs)?

For an insightful discussion on the above, see the original article by Sumati Mehrishi in Newindpress.

I was directed to the above by SadlyNormal, an excellent online resource and blog for survivors of child abuse by Lisa.

Also, for an amazing personal story of an amazing American woman who’s trying to help India’s underprivileged children, see The Weight of Silence.


3 thoughts on “Child Sex Tourism in India

  1. Am amazed that noone has commented on this huge topic!

    I’m watching a BBC TV Newsnight program now on the heavily shielded, ongoing child sex industry that is protected by the Auroville Sociey near Pondicherry. An adult former child victim speaks on condition of anonymity on the death threats he and others face if they out the offenders.

    I do what little I can – by speaking out when I suspect a tourist, loudly and in the presence of other tourists. fwiw!

    Thanks for introducing me to The Weight of Silence – more people need to talk about child labour and child slavery.

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