Solar Eclipse on Earth!

Here is what the Earth looks like during a solar eclipse.

Amazing photo, thanks to Ink Rambles for the link!

You know what, I think all the terrorists, religious fundamentalists, extremists, and so on, should be made to sit inside a room and watch the Astronomy Pictures of the Day, one after the other, day after days, months after months. Will that make them learn our place in the universe, the fragility of the earth, and how alone (at least at present) we are as human beings in this universe? Will it make them shed their violence, and learn to live in peace?

I’m sure Carl Sagan, if he were alive today, would’ve personally orchestrated the whole show.


5 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse on Earth!

  1. Good idea. Another thing we could do – show them videos of themselves behaving violently. In slow motion. Again and again. Its possible they will probably beat us up and break the tv and dvd player in the bargain. Once they do that, show them videos of them doing that.
    And so on.
    I cant resist. can i?

  2. I don’t think it would help. You can’t challenge someone’s basic identity. For example, tomorrow, if someone tries to teach a snake not to bite or a dog to keep his tail straight, will it work?

  3. Well, I was working on the assumption that as human beings, we have the capability to learn, grow, and thus change, unlike snakes and dogs. But there’s a premise there (that specimens enumerated are human beings), which may itself need more scrutiny! 🙂

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