Orkut anti-Shiv Sena community flourishes after recent Sena violence

I had found 270 members in Orkut’s “I Hate Shiv Sena” community when I wrote about Cherishing Indian Democracy. Today, the same community has 555 members. In one week, the strength of the community has doubled!

This is what’s called the “The Streisand Effect“:

“…has become another victim of the “Streisand effect,” an increasingly common backlash that occurs when someone tries to muzzle information on the Web. When the Streisand effect takes hold, contraband doesn’t disappear quietly. Instead, it infects the online community in a pandemic of free-speech-fueled defiance, gaining far more attention than it would have, had the information’s original owners simply kept quiet.”

The article also shows what a difficult time sites like YouTube are having to respond to true legal violations.


7 thoughts on “Orkut anti-Shiv Sena community flourishes after recent Sena violence

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  2. I continue to enjoy your blog. I, however, note that there is no way I can email you through your blog. Maybe that is going to be a useful add-on. As for me, I hope to continue using humor and pun (at http://www.bramana.blogspot.com) as weapons to expose the creeps around! Hope it becomes part of your ‘Blogs I Read’ list! 😉

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  4. Where there is Love, There is Hate.
    Deal with it.

    Imagine Mr. xyz, excited in his seat with the growing “I love xyz” & “xyz rules!!!” communities and if there are any “I hate xyz” community.. he will do almost anything to bring it down!! and he also has the power.. will even use violence.. Vain.. I feel so helpless about this.

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