Xerox trumps Google in Natural Language Search

Researchers at Xerox’s European R&D Center have developed a new type of search technology, called FactSpotter, which can handle natural human phrases, and search for related results that include synonyms and pronouns within a document.

“…typical search engines dig through only 40% of relevant documents in the course of a search query, simply because the searcher didn’t input all the possible keywords. In a search about statements made by Bill Gates on a certain date, Segond says FactSpotter knows that that ‘Bill Gates’ is the same as ‘Microsoft Chairman’, which is the same as ‘he’, and can distinguish between things said by him and things said to him.”

Wow…this could be really interesting, though they’re only planning to offer it for Enterprise Search, to start with.


One thought on “Xerox trumps Google in Natural Language Search

  1. this is amazing…lately, I have been feeling that google is stagnating on user experience front…although they’re including more services in their offerings

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