Review and Rating for An Unquiet Mind

Thanks to James’ Miscellany Symposium, I discovered a too-good-to-be-true blog called Let’s Talk About Blogs.

Like for all new endeavors, I’ve had my share of being nervous about it, wondering and occasionally worrying if I’m up to the task, and so on. An independent and objective review by a real person would be great, right? Well that’s exactly what really happened. The blog has a “Request Review” link that you can choose to request a review of your blog.

I did that, and kept my fingers crossed. As a newbie, I did well beyond my expectations – I ‘scored‘ an 8.5 out of 10! Read the review yourself and let me know what you think (Note: I’ve already made some changes to my sidebar based on the review feedback).

Let’s Talk About Blogs Review Rating

I really must thank Let’s Talk About Blogs for offering this wonderful expert advice for free, especially for us newbie bloggers! To help publicize the blog, I’ve added the review rating graphic to my sidebar.

More than the score, the review’s insightful points are worth noting. I’m already working on the inputs, but have a way to go…


8 thoughts on “Review and Rating for An Unquiet Mind

  1. I did spy that you had also had a review done. You beat me by half a mark too!! Aaarrghhh. Just kidding, well deserved.

  2. M,
    I second the review: could have spared you the trouble if you had just asked me for the diagnosis. No surgery needed! Just an occasional pop of literary Viagra which I will provide! 🙂
    Seriously now, you and Krish are introducing me to some great thought-parks that are SO pleasant and refreshing. Can’t thank you enough, actually!
    Any of this crowd pops into Kolkata, dinner is on me (if I get time out from your blog, that is!;-)).

  3. Congrats for the good rating Mahendra! When I started out 7 months ago I too started off with this theme and since then have been trying out various themes but am not totally satisfied even now.
    I agree with the reviewer that you have a very readable blog, which isn’t that common. Mostly people write rambling, personal stuff which I find difficult to read or relate to.
    You write well too. Fellow Punekar after all. 🙂

  4. Hey, once again, I’m too humbled by my ‘loyal readership’! Thanks much for the comments.

    Ramana: Your offer is so tempting that I’m now seriously planning a trip to Kolkata!

    Nita: When you wrote your first screenplay at 13, I was probably just doodling. Your comments are a great inspiration. Many thanks. I wish you host your own site where you can choose your own template.

    BTW, I’m originally a Mumbaite (born-‘n-brought-up and spent 30 years in Mumbai) before shifting to Pune in 1997. Probably exactly the reverse of you!

  5. Well, you are Punekar now. 🙂
    And the only reason I have not shifted on to my own template is because I am quite clueless about technical things. I took quite some time to familiarise myself with the way wordpress works. I didn’t even know how to load images, and I wasn’t sure how to work with code, links etc. Slowly I figured it all out but even now I know just the basics. html and css and all that is quite beyond me.
    So that is why I am at this free wordpress blog thing. I am not sure I want to spend huge amounts of money on hiring designers, technical people etc.

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