M. C. Escher in Lego?!

OK, here’s something that I believe should get you folks really curious: you all know about M. C. Escher, so I needn’t say more.Drawing Hands  Folks like me, we simply read books on Escher to pontificate on the myriad artistic and philosophical implications of the drawings.

When Krish Ashok gets into his inimitable style of recursive loops (see one of his comments, for example), folks like me simply reminisce about Escher’s Drawing Hands.

But how does one transform Escher’s imaginative-and-impossible drawings into 3D reality?

Andrew Lipson has used Lego in exactly such a creative fashion to make 3D models of Escher’s works, including ‘Balcony’, ‘Ascending and Descending’, and ‘Waterfall’.

There’s of course a gimmick involved, but its worth a study. Though his work has been Digged, Boinged, etc., there were URL changes and so on, so here’s another fresh look for us newbies.

Image copyright World Of Escher.


4 thoughts on “M. C. Escher in Lego?!

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  2. What are the chances of 2 people who love Mozart, love Asterix and admire MC Escher, meeting each other? 10 years ago – zilch. Now – 100% it would seem.

    I love Escher. I have about 5 of his large size prints (Waterfall, Relativity, Ascending and Descending staircase among others) that I framed and hung on my bedroom walls (that are incidentally wallpapered pink and yellow alternatively, just to keep things non-dull).

    If you like recursive loops, you must read Godel Escher and Bach by D Hofstadter. Very enjoyable to read. It was there that I found Bach’s Crab Canon, a brilliant piece that involves 2 themes played forward and reverse simultaneously, yet harmonizing perfectly.

  3. Ashok: Yes, the blogosphere is indeed great! If you talk about 10 years ago – what about the beginning of the Internet – in 1994, you know. What did that mean to all folks who were just reading books ensconced within their bedrooms? The blogosphere wasn’t there – there were just mailing lists. But, that deserves another post sometime.

    I envy you having these large size prints – wow! I gotta visit your bedroom! 🙂

    Regarding GEB, I guess you haven’t read my post on Styles of Composition (https://mahendrap.wordpress.com/2007/07/07/styles-of-composition-writing) – but I’ve to confess, the book has been too heavy for me to complete it.

    Now, I gotta get that crab canon! 🙂

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