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I got tagged and tagged, by Ashok and Asuph. It seemed the same tag, but there were discrepancies. Ashok’s tag didn’t specify number of random things or number of people to tag further. Asuph’s tag specified 8 for both.

Being the INTJ I am, I decided to pursue the origins of this meme, in an attempt to reconcile the discrepancies. It proved to be more difficult than I thought, since some bloggers simply linked to the blog rather than the blog post, forcing me to search through blog archives and so on. Some simply mentioned the name of the blog, without linking. I persisted.

However, my search ended in a blind alley. Ashok’s meme led to Snowbeak’s Muffler, where it isn’t clear if it is the origin of the meme or not. Asuph’s meme led to The Crescent Knitter, who said she was tagged, but didn’t specify the source. So I’m stuck with two irreconcilable tags and will choose between them – in the spirit of the tag – at random. I’ll list 8 things and tag 5 people.

  1. I think Leonardo Da Vinci is the greatest human being in the history of mankind.
  2. In school, I learnt Hindustani Classical – vocal, harmonium, and tabla. I performed in several local events, inter-school competitions, and the All India Radio. All these are distant memories now.
  3. I loved art films since a young age. I illegally joined an elite movie club, “Prabhat Chitra Mandal” in Mumbai when I was under-18. I am still crazy about film-making, have watched thousands of films, struggle to keep a record of all films I’ve watched in an Excel spreadsheet, and have a sizeable collection that I’ve not yet fully watched myself.
  4. I won the “Outstanding Individual Award” when I passed out of school in SSC (Xth grade). On the way home from the passing out ceremony, my classmates beat me up in the street. I came home crying. This was the most important lesson I learnt in school.
  5. I sport a beard because I’m too lazy to shave.
  6. I built my own telescope in my VIIth grade as I was fascinated by astronomy.
  7. In 1995 in Berlin, I played the tabla on a German colleague’s keyboard. He added some techno beats. I then added some flute. Some more music and our first (and last) fusion track was born.
  8. I think I’m a difficult person.

So there I’ve done it. Now to take it further, here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 5 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I invite MondayMorningPower, Rambodoc, Priyank, Pareen, and Nita to take this tag forward!


8 thoughts on “Tag Tag Bang Bang

  1. Im a total movie buff as well. You should try using IMDB’s (imdb.com) “My movies” feature. They have all movies ever made, listed on the site, with reviews etc, plus you get to quickly add them to your list.

  2. Ok. Let’s keep track now shall we.
    Asterix fan – me too
    Rationalist – me too
    Amateur Musician – me too
    Stargazer – me too
    obsessive movie buff – me too

    And Dayumn…I won a “Best all rounder” award in class X as well (They gave me 1000 rs and asked me buy books. I bought Newport jeans.)

    Hold on a sec. I am a rationalist, but this is creepily coincidental. Do you by any chance have a locket with a secret connecting code word? 😉

  3. Mahendra, someone tagged me for exactly this thing just about 2 weeks ago and I turned them down. And this was someone I know (through blogging) for quite some time. So you will understand that I cannot do this.
    Actually I never write about myself on my blog or in fact anywhere (except my personal diary) and though I love connnecting with bloggers I prefer to do it with comments rather than tags. I get sort of uncomfortable with tags (unless its an award. 🙂
    Hope you understand.

  4. Ashok: thanks for the tip. I am an extremely regular user of IMDB, but somehow never used the My Movies feature. I think I’ve seen so many sites come and go in the last 12 years, that I hesitate to fully put my trust in one site. So prefer to maintain my own database. But yes, I will seriously consider this suggestion – many thanks again!

    Nita: I understand. In fact, I sort of expected it. No issues!

    Ramana: Yes, you got the accent right. I also didn’t know about tagging, but learnt it on-the-job! So take it up and enjoy!

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  6. Ashok – your second comment went into WordPress’s spam (probably because of the “list”) – fortunately I happened to check my spam just now!

    Yes, this is indeed creepily coincidental…and you forgot M. C. Escher!

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