I Can Has CNN

I don’t know why, but since I started blogging few months back, the most popular blog on WordPress has been “I Can Has Cheezburger”. When I started blogging, I thought it’s just an anomaly. But, surprises of surprises, it turned out to be the No. 1 blog of all time.

I once decided to check it out. All I could see was photos of cats with some innovative clips thrown in. Now why did that make it to the top of the blogs? I don’t know. Neither do I understand felines nor do I understand human beings.

So, given this background, can you imagine my surprise at seeing CNN’s Political Ticker as the Top WordPress Blog? It is a welcome change! Are homo sapiens finally giving way to grammar and meaning?!

I can’t has this meaning!


6 thoughts on “I Can Has CNN

  1. I think it has to do with the fact that almost every second blog was starting to post cheesy photoshopped pictures with captions using the by now cliched “Teh Intrnt grmr” and linking back to the original pandora’s box that started this pestilential trend

  2. The most popular blogs are often not the best blogs, not always. A way to check this is the most popular posts. Half of them are not good…
    Remember the world wide web audience is very different from our Indian web audience. The Indians who own a pc and have regular access to the internet are mostly educated, but in countries like the U.S. and others, the world wide web audience is more a correct representative of their population. A country’s population is a mixed one, in any country. Also there are far more blogs in those countries…some of the blogs are really stupid. Just because a person can write English does not mean he writes any sense…
    Right now in India the majority of those who read blogs are either the elite or the college educated. It makes a big difference…but I guess this will change in the future.

  3. You’re right, Nita. I’m somehow glad that CNN Political Ticker is showing up as the most popular blog at present! Restores my faith in humanity, sort of! 😉

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  5. Very glad to hear something with at least an ounce of intellect has displaced that stupid cat pic site. But I’m a grammar geek, so any site with grammar as atrocious as “the site which must not be named” is going to get two thumbs down in my book!

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