Bug with WordPress’s Akismet Stats Reporting

On your blog stats page, you have the Spam section with a remark:

“Akismet has protected your site from XYZ spam comments.”

Now, if you check your spam comments, find an authentic comment and de-spam it, this XYZ count should reduce, right? I mean, I’m telling WordPress/Akismet that the comment should not be counted as spam!

I just found out – the count doesn’t change. Bug?


3 thoughts on “Bug with WordPress’s Akismet Stats Reporting

  1. Yea, even I thought that was funny.
    Or perhaps an just an oversight on the part of the programmer who forgot to include the recovered comments while calculating total count 🙂

    Lets give them benefit of doubt! Akismet makes our life unbelievably easier, you’d agree!

    (PS: I used WP Hashcash for some time and Akismet’s counter counts even if WP Hashcash is not executed. Thats kinda strange too.)

  2. Yup – I agree. This is something very minor I noticed…Akismet is great!

    I don’t know about Hashcash since I use the hosted version of wordpress.com and not on my site…

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