To My Readers

There was once a Rambodoc
Who twisted word and mind
Along came An Unquiet Mind
And soon they were one of a kind

Not forgetting herself, Aikaterine joined
Oemar’s random musings entwined
Thiru was perched on a spot
No wonder as he was on blogspot

Priyank was flying in the cloud
While Arun thought out loud
Sree’s views, and Nita with her wide angle view
Brought many topics in everyone’s purview

Prerna loved life and explored
While we all many times deplored
The numerous human gaffes
Using philos(ophy) in Paul’s Cafe

Monday Morning Power had an attitude
Not unlike Harsha, the gentle dude
Ergo with reason as his leading motive
Held his blog readers captive

On top of all this assorted mix
Was Krish Ashok, a lover of Asterix
Dressing it all up with salsa
Using his inimitable Jalsa

This eclectic mix of characters
Reminds me of Lagaan
And that’s why on Independence Day
I say, Mera Blogosphere Mahaan!

(PS: For benefit of non-Indians, Mera Blogosphere Mahaan means My Blogosphere is Great!)

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15 thoughts on “To My Readers

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  2. Hey I dropped by to see for any Independence day special. Wow… you have come up with a unity in diversity kind of piece. Thats a nice one for the special day!

  3. Hey, thanks to you, I have started visiting your other visitors’ blogs too. I agree its strange, and I am quite new to it! The composition gets an A+ (since there is no grade above that)

  4. I echo oemar – beautiful and creative are indeed the words that occur to me now. But then I echo aikaterine too – this is indeed a jazzy poem. Thanks!

    PS: When I comment in your blog, I notice that there is an empty-line/space on top of the comment when it appears. But it is not there in the text-box I am typing the comment in now. It is also not there in the comments from others. I wonder why?

  5. Well thank you Mahendra for the mention. Now I am thinking we are getting into some sort of clique, the kind Gabriel had mentioned!

  6. Stern Teacher: Poetry? The boy wants to write poetry (derisive laughter)
    Boy: You bet I do, and Ill post it on my blog, Ill even make fun of you.
    Stern Teacher: (taking cane out to beat boy’s open palms)
    Boy: My friends will capture that on their mobile phones, post it on youtube and digg it. You will be toast if you even think about mindless violence in the classroom
    Stern Teacher: (stunned into silence)

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dreary I-day speeches on TV,
    all I want is mahendra’s poetry

    All in all, we’re just..
    Bloggers having a ball

  7. To all my readers: (well, not all, Sree didn’t respond at all. Harsha responded not through comments but over chat saying he hadn’t seen anything like this poem before): thank you very much! Other than that, I’m honored that everyone else responded in the comments!

    The thought behind this poem originated with the thought of what could I do differently for Independence Day? And I’m glad all you folks liked it so much.

    If some of you may have seen it in our interactions so far, I like to bring people together. The ‘unity in diversity’ thing that Thiru mentioned above is exemplary of what I try to do. Aikaterene has referred to it in her comments on my blog before. That’s what I feel honored about, to all of you. All of you gracious readers, give me the opportunity to bring otherwise non-like-minded people closer together, and therein lies the greatest joy!

    Once again, thanks so much for appreciating the poem that is dedicated to all of you! Cheers!

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