Ratan Tata Speaks Out (123 Trilogy Part 2)

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Echoing the sentiments and thoughts expressed by K. Subrahmanyam as I’d written earlier about, it is now the turn of Ratan Tata to speak out about the significance of the Indo-US nuclear deal and what may be the implications if we back out. Again, in an interview with Karan Thapar, Tata says:ratan

Calling the India-US civil nuclear deal “the best possible thing that has happened to India”, noted industrialist Ratan Tata has warned that political uncertainty caused by opposition to the pact could adversely impact the country’s growth.

“I’m very, very sorry that on various issues this is being beleaguered. I really believe that if it doesn’t happen the only people who would be happy and benefit by it not happening will be the people of Pakistan and the people of China.”

Again, echoing what I’d earlier written about how FDI will be impacted:

Tata also felt that the deal not going through would also impact the inflows of foreign direct investment. “I think it could, because I think there would be repercussions and there would be reactions.”

He’s one of India’s foremost industrialists who’s actually trying to invest capital into West Bengal. What does he think of the Left?

Tata also felt that the time had come for the Left parties to rethink their age-old strategies, given the influence they have over economic policy, reforms in labor laws and foreign investment as well as overall growth.

“Today we have to reinvent ourselves constantly. Religions reinvent themselves, the Soviet Union reinvented itself, China reinvented itself economically. The time has come when we need to re-look at ideologies, re-look at past legacy and ask ourselves is that relevant today.”

I think more and more influential Indians should speak out publicly about this issue. Industrialists, Bollywood, artists, litterateurs, historians, anyone whose voice will be heard by the Indian public.

I’m completely with Ravi Srinivasan of the Hindustan Times on this issue:

Amidst all the sound and fury of the ‘debate’ over the Indo-US nuclear deal, one section of opinion has been conspicuous by its silence: India Inc.

Which is a great pity, because corporate India has the ability and the resources to not only engage constructively in the discussion, but bring some much needed rationality and gravitas to the current babel of ideological opportunism and jingoistic posturing which is passing for ‘debate’ on this critical issue. As the principal financiers of both the political process and individual players, they also have the necessary leverage. Which they are not using.

The Left is planning a nationwide protest campaign on the streets against the nuclear deal. The people who’re going to protest are obviously going to be pawns in their political gangs, who do not understand the issue at all. It is only if famous and popular Indian personalities speak out, will the Left’s protest be neutralized.

You have to admit how clever China is! Do you want to destroy a country’s economic ambitions? Do you fear the international repercussions if you openly wage a war? Have you wondered why there is no communist Left in Pakistan, a country China heavily invests in? Welcome to the as-yet-undiscovered method of waging war: communism. Simply fund and inspire a communist group in your enemy nation, and then sit back, relax, and glee!

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5 thoughts on “Ratan Tata Speaks Out (123 Trilogy Part 2)

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  2. Another good post!
    Remember how the Left was heel bent on not allowing computerization on the pretext that millions of jobs would be lost to it? Just goes to show how big and right their vision is!

  3. Apparently the commies in West Bengal are different from the national commies. The West Bengal leftists compete for capitalist investments, use stealth tactics to snatch deals from snoozed states like Maharashtra and secretly sell farmers’ land. This behavior is radically opposite from what the national communist leaders make noise about.

    I often wonder. Do people of Bengal vote the Leftists because they are Leftists? or just because its an election symbol they are familiar with?? I would think its the later.

  4. Priyank: I also used to criticize this hypocrisy of the Left’s tactics in West Bengal versus those in Delhi. Now I suspect how much of it is because of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and how much of it is truly intentional hypocrisy. I don’t know myself as I’m not an expert on the Left! 😉

    Why people of Bengal vote for the Left? (familiar election symbol – ha ha ha!) For an insight, see Rambodoc’s comments on my previous post on 1-2-3.

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