Email Inboxes for 100+ Embassies Hacked

Usernames and passwords for more than 100 e-mail accounts at embassies and governments worldwide have been posted online. Using the information, anyone can access the accounts that have been compromised. InfoWorld broke the news, and The Register has more information here.

The list of Indian hacks includes:

  • Indian Embassies in USA, Sweden, Oman, Italy, Belgium, China, Germany, and Finland
  • Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO)
  • National Defence Academy (NDA)

The Indian Express verified the accuracy of the claim: It sent a test mail to the Indian Ambassador in China on her official email ID and was able to read it. It also accessed transcripts of high profile meetings, and commercial documents from NDA and DRDO.

Now, before we go about asking Google to hide sensitive facilities from Google Earth, we should first get our own house in order.

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4 thoughts on “Email Inboxes for 100+ Embassies Hacked

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  2. Hackers are best friends of an organization. Crackers are not 😉
    I don’t know if this will ever stop. Our stuff gets stolen, so we lock it. Then it gets stolen again, so we use an expensive lock. But it is stolen again, and thus…

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