Evocative Images from India

I have never posted an email forward before, but this one was simply too much for me to just let it pass by. I couldn’t resist from sharing these with you, my readers! (Please see updated credits at the end of the post).

It is photographs like these, and Priyank’s, that deter me from a naive ambition of photography. (Priyank’s main Photo Gallery link seems to point to his blog at the moment, but if you browse around his site, you’ll find astonishing photographs. This is apart from his amazing musical skills!) I simply give it up knowing that I can never be good enough! πŸ™‚

Photo Credits: All images except the city panorama: Steve McCurry. You can find these and many more astonishing photographs on his own site. I am grateful to Shefaly for conscientiously pursuing the quest and helping me to locate the source. I hope this post constitutes fair use of this copyrighted work, as these are low-resolution photos, used for non-commercial purpose, with attribution.

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19 thoughts on “Evocative Images from India

  1. Really superb pictures!
    BTW, I know a doc who can treat that hunchback if she gets a stone or two…
    Priyank, your blog is mostly off-limits these days. Can’t access it.

  2. Doc, your comment was categorized as ‘spam’ by Akismet, apparently for no rhyme or reason!

    I think you should take Akismet into your custody and teach it a thing or two…er, I mean a comment or two!

    BTW, I think I know the Doctor who can cure those hunchbacks – I had specifically linked to this feat of his once before in my post!

  3. wow Mahendra, thanks for the link and the lavish praise! I don’t really deserve it but your words are really encouraging! πŸ™‚

    hmm Rambodoc, …some of the perils of owning your own domain is that you are left to fix everything on your own… thus my photo gallery is dysfunctional and so is the blog… hopefully I’ll fix them by this weekend… 😐 (I’m secretly delighted that people notice that the blog is not working πŸ˜‰ )

  4. Me: dude, nice theme
    Mahendra: Which one?
    Me: The current one
    Mah: But I’m changing it every couple of minutes
    Me: Ah! The dark brown bg with the blog on light brown bg and centre aligned.
    Mah: Why is it good?
    Me: To begin with, it suits your blog personality better. Also…. (Mahendra finds the mute button)
    Mah: huh? Whats a ‘blog personality’?
    Me: (mute)

  5. Hi Priyank, you definitely deserve it…

    Ha ha…see how us mere non-techie mortals are better off without our own domain names?! πŸ™‚

    Yes, you caught me changing my themes. I did think the dark brown one suited ‘me’ and my blog better, but it unfortunately had a small width and wouldn’t suit some of my ‘techie’ posts. What do others think? I would love to have feedback – is this theme better?

  6. Mahendra:

    The boat with flowers appears on the hardback cover of Mark Tully’s “India in Slow Motion” and is attributed to Steve McCurry/ Magnum.

    I think one or two may be Raghu Rai’s.

    But most of these photos are copyrighted to National Geographic. I have a series of books on NatGeo’s photo collections but I shall have to look into them and tell you individual attributions after 3-4 weeks once my mega-task-at-hand (a k a PhD thesis) is done.


  7. Shefaly: Thanks! I did suspect Raghu Rai, as it matched his other work I’ve seen. I’ve updated the credits.

    I appreciate your taking the time to let me know. I do envy your collection! πŸ˜‰

  8. Mahendra: You are welcome!

    If I might say so myself, my collection of books is enviable on many counts, not least because I sacrifice the usual quotidian attractions of shopping, idle socialising etc. to buy books. πŸ™‚

    The link to my partial bookshelf on Shelfari is on my blog.


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  10. Prax: as mentioned in my post and the comments above, these are not my photographs!

    If you want to see someone who puts in hard work behind his photographs, visit Priyank’s site (if it works).

  11. Mahendra: I went through 2 compilations today and have one more answer for you.

    The Rajasthani women huddled against a storm were photographed by Steve McCurry too, in 1984 and is a Nat Geo photo.

    I think you will find probably the others are his too. Not Raghu Rai’s..

  12. Mahendra: Ok here you are:

    Train photo: Steve McCurry, Uttar Pradesh, 1983

    Bull and woman; Steve McCurry, Vrindavan, 1995

    Taj reflection: Steve McCurry, 1999

    Now only that city scene puzzle remains unsolved…

  13. Shefaly: Thank you very much. I’ve updated the post and included links to Steve’s site, where there are many more such astonishing photographs!

    City scene is not there on Steve’s site either, so I wonder…

  14. Mahendra:

    The city panorama is also Steve McCurry. The picture is on the cover of Paul Theroux’s latest book, The Elephanta Suite: Three Novellas (hardback edition).

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