Getting back from a hiatus

Dear readers, I’ve been offline for the past few days, savoring India’s performance in the 20-20 World Cup, while attempting to escape the insane noise pollution, traffic congestion, and air pollution as a result of the Ganesha Festival in Pune.

Please bear with me, while I get my bearings in cyberspace again, after an eventful sequence of days.

At the moment, I’m just glad that both the Ganesh Festival, and the cricket team’s victory parade, passed off peacefully. There were no terrorist strikes, despite both being good targets, as might be seen by the six bombs found in Mumbai.

PS: I’ve decided to do away with Technorati tags now that WordPress natively supports them. And I’m also doing away with those social bookmarking icons, since I don’t think anyone really uses them.


10 thoughts on “Getting back from a hiatus

  1. well even I was praying for the safety of the team during that open air bus tour in Mumbai… seemed liked too ‘open’ a target… take your time… enjoy!!

  2. Thanks, all!

    Brian: I was relieved to finally get tags in WordPress. Anyway, Technorati seems to be on the path to an inevitable decline, so I didn’t have to think much!

  3. Welcome back, Mahendra!
    The Nuclear Deal is clearly a nu, good article. I am unable to do justice to it now, but hopefully, soon I will read it properly.

  4. im thinking of goin on a hiatus im adicted

    on noise i dont know about pune but this yr in mumbai was really noisy and bad and have just posted about it.

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