Weekend Flea Market 13-Oct-07

The Friday Flea Market is now open all weekend! An assortment of stuff I came across in cyberspace, offered second hand, for anyone who may be interested.

  • Wired Magazine has a very interesting article on how racial profiling can be used in forensics with great success. The Inconvenient Science of Racial DNA Profiling also explains how this controversial technology raises uncomfortable ethical questions.
  • Dr. Deb talks about a controversial ad in Italy that aims to increase awareness of Anorexia, while clarifying that Anorexia has a higher mortality rate than depression.
  • Finally, three years after the devastating tsunami disaster, India’s tsunami warning system takes shape.
  • The Iconoclast asks a very pertinent question about whether telecom companies like AT&T should be held responsible for cooperating with the National Security Agency (NSA).
  • While you’ve been caught up reading on the Nobel awards, don’t miss this year’s igNoble awards!
  • Photomicrography: Fine art photography though a microscope. For over 30 years, Nikon has rewarded the world’s best photomicrographers who make critically important scientific contributions to life sciences, bio-research and materials science. See the stunning winners of the 2007 competition here.
  • Finally, Microsoft Research is coming to India! Microsoft has tied up with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to collaborate on research.
  • A new Google Earth layer lets you view geo-tagged videos on YouTube. Just imagine how travelogues are going to take this to elevate themselves to the next level.
  • Wikipedia’s middle-age crisis: Sad news. Activity on Wikipedia seems to be slowing down, reports TechCrunch.
  • The Economist has a fascinating article on how lap dancers earn more tips when they’re most fertile in their menstrual cycle.

There are fewer items in the flea market this weekend, because of the increased readership, interesting comments, and enlightened discussions on my earlier posts. In short, my blog has kept me busy…:-) Have a good weekend!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Flea Market 13-Oct-07

  1. Mahendra: On that anorexia thread, you may find this interesting.

    On last count, Facebook has over 36 pro-ana groups, all closed and need approval to join.

    In the US, the combined incidence of binge eating disorder in the population exceeds the total incidence of anorexia AND bulimia… Food for thought? 🙂 I wrote about this on the obesity blog..

    This is good. I do not have the discipline to time-table and do something regularly 😦 Shh… Hopefully no future employers are reading this.

  2. Madhuri: Thank you. Would you believe it if I told you that when I saw them myself the first time, I thought of you? I thought “this is something Madhuri will definitely like”. 🙂

    Ankur: Thank you very much!

    Shefaly: My goodness! Facebook has pro-ana groups! What is the world coming to?

    It is so ironic that when people in third-world countries are starving to death, people in the world’s richest and most developed country are starving themselves…

  3. Mahendra:

    “It is so ironic that when people in third-world countries are starving to death, people in the world’s richest and most developed country are starving themselves…”

    The difference is in who controls that starvation.

  4. On Wikipedia:

    I have always been wary of linking to Wikipedia. There is just too much random, unverified and unverifiable content; some posts are randomly held up for correction; I always suspected it but now we all know that there are institutional interventions on content editing.

    A community is only as good or reliable as its components are honest or show integrity. Wikipedia is suffering collectively at the hands of the same collective as created it.

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