Intellectual Blogger Award Update

As Paul points out, the Intellectual Blogger Award is gaining traction thanks to the gracious and kind support of remarkably intelligent bloggers. I thought it would be a good idea to maintain a list of the awardees at a central place for reference. This list would be like an Intellectual Bookshelf – a rich and varied source of great ideas, when you’re hungry for food for thought.

So I have updated the Intellectual Blogger Award page to list all the awardees. I once again thank everyone for their support in taking this forward.


2 thoughts on “Intellectual Blogger Award Update

  1. I checked out the link.

    There are a lot of good reads you have listed/awarded!

    Most of the blogs I read I have found from other blogs I visit, it is the best way to find interesting places to read.

    Thnx for the list.

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