Round and Round

Round and round
Mentally unsound
On shaky ground
Insecurity abounds

The mind whirls
Emotion swirls
Dreams unwind
Destiny unkind

One hopes
To elope
But one is bound
To one’s ground

To escape this cage
Needs an adage
No need to cry
One is born to fly


14 thoughts on “Round and Round

  1. Thanks! I think Jonathan Livingston Seagull might have something to do with it. Though I don’t own the book, it had an impact when I’d read it long time back…:-)

  2. //One hopes
    To elope
    But one is bound
    To one’s ground//
    ‘Rahiye ab aisi jagah chal kar jahan koi na ho,
    Humsafar koi na ho aur humjaban koi na ho’.

  3. I think this is a very good poem, Mahendra. The rhythm, the sounds, the meaning are woven together masterfully.

    BTW, I miss you.

  4. Desh: Thanks!

    Paul: Thanks for the kind words. Gimme some time to get round to regular blogging and commenting again. I too have missed you and am looking forward to resuming spending time on your blog…

    Aikaterine: It gives me great happiness to know that you’re back. Hope you’re doing fine. More later.

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