Wordle US & Indian Constitution, Congress & CPI(M) Manifesto

Since it was introduced last year, Wordle has been very popular with bloggers and the general public. So I decided to join in the fun. Here are the US and Indian Constitution wordle outputs:

US Constitution Wordle

Indian Constitution Color Wordle

Observations? Nothing surprising here.

  • Putting aside Law, observe the emphasis on Legislature, Legislative, and Court in the Indian constitution. Neither of these are prominent in the US Constitution.
  • Government is prominent in the Indian constitution. Nothing like that in the US.
  • Citizens are People in India, and Majority is not so important in the constitution as in the US.
  • Time is easily visible in the US, not in India.

Oh, the more you look at it, the more you’ll find stuff!

Sudheendra Kulkarni says that major political parties in India are taking manifesto preparation very seriously. He says:

When it comes to manifestos of political parties, a section of the intelligentsia and the media exhibits a dismissive tendency that riles political activists like me. A major national daily last week called manifesto-making nothing but a “cut-and-paste” job. This tendency is symptomatic of a larger habit of the chatterati sneering from the comfort of their well-furnished drawing rooms at all political parties, indeed at the political process in general. The reality is quite otherwise. Most political parties, especially those with a national perspective, have begun taking policy issues—and, by extension, manifesto preparation—far more seriously than before.

So let’s look at the Congress and CPI (M) 2009 Election Manifestos. The BJP one is expected this week. I’ve removed ‘Indian’, ‘National’, and ‘Congress’ from the Congress one, and ‘CPI’ from the CPI(M) one.

Congress Manifesto

CPIM Manifesto

  • Public Sector and workers are obviously very dear to the Left, while the Congress is betting a lot of money on youth.
  • Women are equally important to both parties.
  • Protect – clearly visible in the CPI(M) – is nowhere in the Congress, while it is strongly focusing on something New.
  • Police finds a reasonable mention in Congress, while I couldn’t find it in the CPI(M).
  • Growth is huge for Congress, it is nowhere in the CPI(M).
  • Reforms are equally low on the agenda of both parties. 😦

I had earlier mentioned Text Analysis Tools, but Wordle makes it simpler and more fun than ever before!


11 thoughts on “Wordle US & Indian Constitution, Congress & CPI(M) Manifesto

  1. Hi Mahendra,
    It would be interesting to compare Indian and British constitutions too. Its also interesting to see that the word ‘President’ is more visible than ‘Prime Minister’ in Indian constitution.

    The only limitation of Wordle fora blog is that it reads the first page only. But perhaps thats a feature… 😉

  2. Yes, the possibilities are endless! I too was surprised about President appearing so prominent in the Constitution. But technically, from a Constitutional viewpoint, the PM is merely someone responsible for discharging the functions and power vested in him by the head of the executive – the President. However, in most democracies, the role of the President is said to be largely ceremonial, since the PM is the head of the government.

    If you consider that Wordle is developed by a single senior IBM engineer, is not a Web 2.0 startup, and not a commercial enterprise, then you can definitely live with its limitations. There is a Advanced version as well, with more powerful text analysis features such as support for the Dunning-log analysis.

  3. oo, I shouldn’t be commenting on this since politics and I love each other as much as Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha, but wordle got my attention.

    Wordle is FUN. I have enjoyed and spent many an hour on that sweet little toy. I am very happy to inform you that I have passed on that infectious little plaything to more than a dozen of my good friends.

    Neat wordle.

  4. Rads, welcome!

    Love your icon or gravatar or whatever it is!

    Thanks for visiting and letting me know that there are Indians who love Wordle too! Somehow, I didn’t come across many Indian bloggers knowing about it. It is a great fun toy, you can get very creative with it, and I’m happy that you’ve passed it on…:-)

  5. Heh, thanks! I was thinking it was mysterious, until someone said they got curious about the ‘dark-circle-eye’ and hopped on to read me. 😀

    Well, most are teens (yeah, I have friends who are half my age) and they in fact use it for numerous school projects. Adaptable.

    I have a draft sitting that I am yet to complete. Wordle-created party invite 🙂

  6. 🙂

    Party invite sounds interesting!

    I’ve seen hundreds of educationists and teachers using Wordle in various school and college projects. Some are even using it to detect plagiarism easily without painstaking analysis. Some use it to find majority votes on any polling theme. The possibilities are endless!

  7. Priyank

    Britain does not have a written constitution. Comparing statutes and judgements and treaties would be a rather onerous task, one where one can never be sure of having included all the relevant bits.

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  9. As i know Congress of Indai isd most respected party in the 3rd world that made him to lead indai ,so im from Sudan the country which colianised by british such as indai but still un developed!!so i like taking indian expirences,so can you help me??

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