Classifying a Blog’s Writing Style

How much can Artificial Intelligence learn from your writing? Your gender? Your MBTI personality type? Can someone find out such things about you from your writing?

uClassify is a free text classifier web service, using which you can develop your own text classifiers. Several have been developed already, the most popular being GenderAnalyzer and Typealyzer.

Gender Analyzer

GenderAnalyzer tries to guess the gender of the author. From over 6000+ votes on the site, it appears to have correctly guessed the gender 58% of the time. An Unquiet Mind’s homepage rated almost gender neutral:


Since these services do not crawl web pages, they only use the page you specify as their input. So, to get more credible results, use larger sources for input. An easy way to do this with your WordPress blogs is to specify your favorite tag/category URL. So since a lot of my posts have the ‘India’ tag, giving gave a lot more content to analyze, and hence came up with a more accurate assessment.


Typealyzer takes the text from a URL you specify and classifies it according to MBTI personality types. It can be fun! Here are An Unquiet Mind’s results:

Personality Type


It is important to remember that this purports to classify the writing style of the author, not the author’s personality type (ignore the marketing byline). Thus, even if my personality type is iNTJ, my writing style is iNTP.



This is a classification based on Carl Jung’s archetypes.

Love Type


Sport Type


I guess the above two are for those who want to date or make friends with other bloggers!

Some of the other classifiers at uClassify are interesting too – find out the mood of the writer, the tonality (formal/informal) of the writing, similarity with authors of famous classics, etc.


10 thoughts on “Classifying a Blog’s Writing Style

  1. Wth is this gender analyzer thing! pfft.. You won’t believe some people have told me to change my website color scheme because it looks feminine. But anyway, do you know how the thing works? Does it have a list of ‘male’ topics and ‘female’ topics, or perhaps it simply looks for pronoun references. 🙂

    Rest of the results were very interesting!

  2. I found this very interesting Mahendra. I did the test and the web page guessed that I was a woman but I wonder if they took the url words into account as my url has nita in it! And the other type analyzer came up with different results when I typed in two different tags!

  3. Change website color theme?! That’s hilarious! 😀

    It doesn’t have a list and it doesn’t look for anything specific, such as pronouns. It has been trained on 4000+ blogs, whose gender was known.

  4. Hi Nita, thanks! It doesn’t take url words or any other specific words into account – it doesn’t classify ‘nita’ in the text or url as that of a woman, simply because there may be a man who is so overwhelmingly in love with a certain ‘nita’ that all his writing and poems frequently have ‘nita’ in them – and it should still detect the writing as that of a man.

    Typealyzer is really interesting to see how we employ different writing styles when we write about different topics. We may employ a different psychological profile when writing about personal things, a different one when writing about contentious topics, and yet another when doing trivia with entertainment or tags.

  5. 🙂 had a lot of fun with this. it said diff things with diff set of options, however with the Archetype classifier, it universally said “stabiliser” for both my OS and WP blog which made me smile.
    my writing style doesn’t reflect my personality aparently…

  6. Interesting. I think you’re a ‘raw’ writer – there are lesser filters you apply between your thoughts and your written words, hence your moods are more evident in your writing, and hence the different results. Stabiliser…interesting! 🙂

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