A to Z of Films Meme (Q)

I have not seen any film starting with Q that I’d recommend to anyone. There are a handful of good films, but I have not seen any. So let’s do a twist on this meme and make up our own movie. Since movies are all about imagination and creativity, here’s what I could imagine!


The Queue

The Queue is a slow-paced light drama film that shows people lined up in a queue at the gates of heaven. God, or whoever decides whether people go to heaven or hell after death, is on a vacation. Temporary arrangements have been made for these people to stay while the queue processing is halted. This area is shown as a small colony of shacks, in a Fellinesque style, where people appear to float around.42-16602071

Naturally, the group interaction is all about what happened in their lives, how did they die, whether they were happy, and their hopes and fears regarding heaven and hell. And through their interaction, they learn more about their lives than they did when they were alive.

There is a man and a woman, whose hearts were broken back in their lives on earth. They empathize with each other. Slowly they fall in love, as they learn more about their lives. Towards the end however, a realization dawns in both of them, that if they had been more understanding and caring of their partners, like they were here, they would have found the same love on earth.

There is a middle-aged man who is devastated that he died of a heart attack earlier than he thought. He is depressed most of the time. Then he discovers a young boy, a teenager, who was killed in an accident. The teenager, far from being depressed, is looking forward to what happens next. They talk and the man discovers the youthful energy with which the boy lived an adventurous life. From the boy, the man wonders how much did he really live his life of so many years? Of what use would it have been to live in the same way for a few years more?

In this fashion, many people realize things and discover more about their lives than they ever had on earth. A loner learns to socialize. A socialite learns the beauty of solitude. A celebrity on earth is no longer famous here, doesn’t crave for fame, and enjoys life without it.

There is a Forrest Gump like simpleton, who everyone has been trampling on throughout the movie. Everyone steps on his shoes, so to speak, shoves him around, behaves domineeringly with him. He is our principal character, and our narrator. As the people around him understand what really matters in life, their behavior towards him gradually changes. They stop bullying him. They start being more polite. Some of them actually start being kind to him. In the end, he wonders, why people seem so much better here, than back on earth.

Yes, if you’ve been following this meme from the beginning, you’ll find that The Queue is inspired by Groundhog Day and After Life. What do you think? Will you enjoy watching The Queue?


17 thoughts on “A to Z of Films Meme (Q)

  1. Groundhog Day is an all-time fav. Queue sounds like it would make an engrossing novel as well, and depending on how it’s visualized could be a Babel me thinks.

    ..unless you sticking with Hollywood alone, how could u forget the Amir-Juhi starrer of 80’s – QSQT? 🙂

  2. Hmm…yes, didn’t think of it as a novel!

    No, I’m certainly not sticking to any ‘-wood’, if you see my earlier posts. I didn’t forget QSQT, it’s just that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!

  3. Loads of catching up to do, finally caught on. I wrote this h.u.g.e comment on the Psycho one and deleted it because it got too big 😛

    Queue – not seen. You just had to mention Groundhog Day again, didn’t ya? 😀


  4. You wrote a comment and then deleted it?! What’s wrong with you? This is too bad…

    Did you read the post? You have really not seen Queue? 🙂

    Groundhog Day: 😀

  5. Ah! Thanks Dev, and thanks for the offer. But I don’t think I have any experience in writing a screenplay or how to go about it!

  6. i now need to watch the queue.
    i also like Quo Vadis a lot – especailly the director’s cut that was relesed about 15 years ago. if you can block out tony curtis talk in his american accent then the movie is brilliant.

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