Blog Camp Pune 2: Photo Post

Here are some photographs I managed to click at Blog Camp Pune 2 when I could disengage myself from the talks. Snaps are hosted on Flickr, please click to get higher resolutions. My thanks to all the ‘un’-organizers of the event for making this such a flawlessly smooth event!

BlogCampPune 002 BlogCampPune 003

BlogCampPune 004 BlogCampPune 005

BlogCampPune 006 BlogCampPune 007

BlogCampPune 011 BlogCampPune 013

BlogCampPune 015 BlogCampPune 016


11 thoughts on “Blog Camp Pune 2: Photo Post

  1. Cool! When did this happen? Were participants only bloggers? And where are you in these pictures? 🙂

  2. And what did you all discuss? Which bloggers came? How was the atmosphere? From the looks of it seems like a formal affair.

  3. @Dev: If you want to see my pictures, connect with me on Facebook 🙂 I avoid posting personal pictures on this blog, except the rare times I’ve posted pics of my baby daughter.

    @All: Thanks for evincing interest! I will write a short post for the highlights.

  4. Oh, so you are on facebook. Ok, search for my name (Iam assuming you know my full name)and add me.

  5. Nope, I don’t know your full-name. And I’ve added all my social networking links on my About page, so you can add me easily.

  6. Actually it’s the same name I use on my email. Anyways, I will just check the facebook link on your about page and add you.

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