Posturing From My New Chair

After months of sitting on my computer on a backless settee, I began to realize that my back has a spinal cord, and that it's made up of individual vertebrae.

But that's not what this is about. While my new chair does indeed improve my posture, this is a new posturing using

I am writing this email using Gmail, sending it to and attaching the photo of my new chair. After I hit the send button, I sit back in my chair.

I expect Posterous will:

  • Post this email and the photo to my Posterous blog
  • Post my photo to my Flickr photo stream
  • Post my photo to my Picasa web albums
  • Post this update to my Facebook account (I want to see how it does that, whether it just links, or uploads the photo, etc.)
  • Post this email and photo to my blog – An Unquiet Mind
  • Post this update to my Friendfeed, which will then tweet an update on Twitter as @SocialGeek
  • Post this update as a tweet on Twitter as @Palsule

Just 1 Email. Now, let's see how it works!

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8 thoughts on “Posturing From My New Chair

  1. Mahendra:

    Well I can certainly see the posting to your blog worked. But my comment doesn’t relate to that. I momentarily envied the space on your shelves. I believe that in my move over 2 years ago, my books reproduced. Despite adding a new book case, I have 7 unopened boxes (containing my favourite books, natch) and I have a few hundred books piled atop a shorter book case. When I see space, I feel sad for my books. 😦

  2. Hi,

    I did not want to know about the posturing , but was struck by your shelf.

    Nazar nikhal dijiye! :-))

  3. I actually stopped buying books a few years back because of that reason. Sometimes, I let the temptation get over me, but most times, I am able to resist.

    Dozens of my books have disappeared after lending them.

    When we furnished our new home in ’06, I wanted to make sure I had ample space for books. So far, so good. 🙂

  4. Thank you. 🙂

    I don’t know whether you’re talking about the books in the shelf or the shelf itself, in which case, I should mention that it was made by my own uncle.

    My grandfather used to teach carpentry in school and my uncle carried on his furniture business – so we get quality furniture made according to our own tastes. 🙂

  5. I stopped buying two years ago too with a stray purchase here and there. But I never lend. And I never borrow. But I think there will never be ample space for books. That is all I buy. :-/

  6. Mahendra,

    Cool indeed that one email can do all this!! But what are those audio cassettes still doing in the room of so “in tune” with leading-edge technologies 😉 ?


  7. “I began to realize that my back has a spinal cord, and that it’s made up of individual vertebrae.”
    Maybe you need to buy a primer on human anatomy first!

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