The Straight Dope FAQ on Indian Elections 2009

Or what newspapers and media will not tell you about the 2009 Indian Parliamentary Election. Will the new government go in for reform? Absolutely! Though there may be a slight difference between what everyone understands by reform and what the government means by reform. From the government’s perspective reform means re-forming the government. The party


High Cost Locust Alert!

While India may be an attractive low-cost outsourcing destination, it is also an attractive destination for locusts! The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization has warned of a locust threat in India and Pakistan: Recent heavy rainfall in Pakistan and western India has created ‘unusually favorable breeding conditions’ for locusts until October along both sides of

India and China in the Offshoring Race

Interesting paradoxical news on this front today. Around a month back, Forrester research came out with a report titled “China’s Diminishing Offshore Role“. “When Forrester first looked at China’s offshore and global delivery model (GDM) role nearly two years ago, the country was widely viewed as the key challenger to India for offshore supremacy. However,

e-Literacy or Obliteracy

India’s Kerala state government is counting on open-source software to boost its IT literacy rate. “Kerala has always been a leader in literacy, and now we want to make Kerala a leader in e-literacy,” said Kerala Chief Minister V. S. Achutanandan. “We believe that free and open-source software is an essential component in our drive