Round and Round

Round and round Mentally unsound On shaky ground Insecurity abounds The mind whirls Emotion swirls Dreams unwind Destiny unkind One hopes To elope But one is bound To one’s ground To escape this cage Needs an adage No need to cry One is born to fly

Recycle Being

I amTherefore I breatheI amTherefore  I live To live or notThat is the questionTo breathe or notThat is the dilemma Moments of panicThat are tragicI am lethargicThere’s need of some magic UncomfortableUnstableUnableTo be stable I am hurtBut I won’t be curtThe situation does hurtWho’ll clean up the dirt? I will tryNot to cryIt’s about timeFor

50 Years…

Sputnik soaredAtlas ShruggedMankind roaredEarth unplugged Start of a space raceWhat a disgraceAmidst all the paceWho lost their face? Fifty yearsCommunism shatteredMan yearnsHis dreams shattered Ayn Rand publishedRussia extinguishedGalt spokeThe world awoke Dagny TaggartA railroad at heartTorn apartYet, a work of art Hank ReardenBeneath a burdenRefused a pardonBecame a guardian FranciscoActed like in a discoHis characterMuch