“Tell me which movies you like and I will tell you what you are.”

This is a series of posts for a meme in which you have to list one favorite film per alphabet. Thanks to Dev, I took this up as a challenge that allowed me to express my appreciation of some of my favorite films. I have structured each post with one winner (a pre-requisite of the meme is that you select one, and only one), a runner-up, and other noteworthy films. Feel free to take up the meme if you like.

This page serves as an index to the series. The entire collection, including reader recommendations, is available here. Do leave a comment if you like the series or if you want an Excel spreadsheet.

0-9: Winner 2001: A Space Odyssey, Runner-Up 12 Angry Men

A: Winner Amadeus, Runner-Up Apocalypse Now

B: Winner A Beautiful Mind, Runner-Up Babel

C: Winner Charulata, Runner-Up The Color Purple

D: Winner Dr. Strangelove, Runner-Up Dead Man Walking

E: Winner Eight and Half, Runner-Up Ek Doctor Ki Maut

F: Winner Fantasia, Runner-Up Forrest Gump

G: Winner Groundhog Day, Runner-Up The Great Dictator

H: Winner Hell In The Pacific, Runner-Up Hotel Rwanda

I: Winner Ikiru, Runner-Up None

J: Winner The Jungle Book, Runner-Up Judgment at Nuremberg

K: Winner Kinsey, Runner-Up Kanoon

L: Winner Lawrence of Arabia, Runner-Up La Dolce Vita

M: Winner Mirch Masala, Runner-Up None

N: Winner Notorious, Runner-Up Nayakan

O: Winner One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Runner-Up Out of Africa

P: Winner Psycho, Runner-Up Pather Panchali

Q: Winner The Queue, an imaginary film

R: Winner Red Beard, Runner-Up Rashomon

S: Preface

S: Winner The Shawshank Redemption

S: Runner-Up Seven Samurai

T: Winner Taxi Driver, Runner-Up Titanic

U: Winner Unforgiven, Runner-Up The Untouchables

V: Winner Vertigo, Runner-Up Von Ryan’s Express

W: Winner When Harry Met Sally, Runner-Up Wall-E

XYZ: Winner Yojimbo


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