I’m in the queue, so I have lesser IQ?

My cousin, an eldest sibling, alerted me to this news finding: The eldest children in families tend to develop higher I.Q.’s than their siblings, researchers are reporting, in a large study that could settle more than a half-century of scientific debate about the relationship between I.Q. and birth order. Salient Points The study was carried out only on

Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted To Asterix

In the mid-1990’s, the Internet humor scene was proliferated by “Top Ten Signs”. It started with “Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted To The Internet“, and now includes Google and Blogging! Well, I’m a self-confessed Asterix addict, and I tried to find signs you’re addicted to it, but there were none. Hence, I decided to come up with my own.  So here goes… Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted To Asterix 10. You exclaim ‘By Toutatis’ in surprise. 9. You feel hungry after seeing Obelix eat boars. 8. You think all happy events should be celebrated by a