Google Reader does evil; dumps Opera

One of the most favorite (and certainly my personal favorite) RSS readers is Google Reader. In cut-throat competition with Bloglines, Google introduced Search functionality in Google Reader yesterday. Read TechCrunch’s take here. Unfortunately, this has made Google Reader stop working with my favorite browser, Opera. Here’s how it looks in Opera v9.23: Now, despite Opera


Photoswap, not Photoshop

Photo editing will never be the same again. In what has been described as a Google approach to understanding digital photos, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have come up with a radically innovative idea to add or remove content from digital photos. The idea is that if you have enough information at your hands, you

Pakistan’s Parliament condemns Sir Rushdie’s knighthood

From the Guardian: Pakistani lawmakers passed a government-backed resolution Monday demanding Britain withdraw the knighthood awarded to author Salman Rushdie, condemning the honor as an insult to the religious sentiments of Muslims. In the eastern city of Multan, hard-line Muslim students burned effigies of Queen Elizabeth II and Rushdie. About 100 students carrying banners condemning

Orkut anti-Shiv Sena community flourishes after recent Sena violence

I had found 270 members in Orkut’s “I Hate Shiv Sena” community when I wrote about Cherishing Indian Democracy. Today, the same community has 555 members. In one week, the strength of the community has doubled! This is what’s called the “The Streisand Effect“: “…has become another victim of the “Streisand effect,” an increasingly common backlash that occurs when someone tries