High Cost Locust Alert!

While India may be an attractive low-cost outsourcing destination, it is also an attractive destination for locusts! The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization has warned of a locust threat in India and Pakistan: Recent heavy rainfall in Pakistan and western India has created ‘unusually favorable breeding conditions’ for locusts until October along both sides of

Knighthood to Rushdie may cause terrorism

Britain’s knighthood to the author Salman Rushdie contributes to insulting Islam and may lead to terrorism, a Pakistani minister has said. The minister in question is none other than Zia-ul-Haq’s son, a well-known hardliner. “Such actions are the root cause of terrorism”, Religious Affairs Minister Ejaz-ul-Haq told parliament. The minister later said he had not meant to condone or incite terrorism but ‘stress its origins’. This means: Freedom of Expression + Creativity => Terrorism. Heard anything as absurd or ethically deplorable

Pakistan’s Parliament condemns Sir Rushdie’s knighthood

From the Guardian: Pakistani lawmakers passed a government-backed resolution Monday demanding Britain withdraw the knighthood awarded to author Salman Rushdie, condemning the honor as an insult to the religious sentiments of Muslims. In the eastern city of Multan, hard-line Muslim students burned effigies of Queen Elizabeth II and Rushdie. About 100 students carrying banners condemning